Method comparaison

HFE method and  strip-method (FUT)

FUT: long strip 20-25cm (invasive method by using a scalpel to cut 5mm deep into the scalp in order to remove the donor strip) at the donor area.

HFE: extraction of FU folical units(one by one) with tools witch ranges 0.5mm – 0.8 diameter(non -surgical method )

FUT: Up to 30% of the donor strip area  can be damaged during the extraction and also at the stage of cuting into  grafts.

FUT: after the extraction stitches required.                      

HFE: non stitches required.

FUT:  method after the procedures leaves a scar in the donor area

HFE: non-surgical method  = no scars.

FUT: In general  FUT procedures use the scalpel / blade opening method of follicle placement. This means that the doctor is required to make an opening in the thinning area of the scalp with a scalpel and then place the follicles / hairs with a forceps (something like tweezers). This does not allow the doctor to control the angle of the hairs placed and there is potentially scarring in this area due to the placement tools used.

HFE: The hfe technique allows us to place follicles with the implanter of 0.8mm a microsurgical tool which placed each hair at exactly the correct angle, direction and depth without creating scarring.

FUT: healing period aprox. 1 month

HFE: healing period 3 days maximum.  

HFE  method and  FUE machine

In the method of FUE machine: occipital part of the head was shaved and using punch ( punch ) with a diameter of 1,8-5,0 mm without cuts selectively withdrawn group of follicles (7- 20pcs ), together with the tissues . These groups are then cut into grafts receiving transplants for later implantation.

Seamless method HFE (FUE hand): shaved at the back of the head or the desired area by using punch with a diameter of 0.5-0.9 mm, without cuts , selectively withdrawn follicles ( follicles FU), which are already ready for  transplantation and not need to be cuted into  grafts .Result no trauma at the follicle units 


State of the donor area (neck) after removal 

method  FUE machine:

Groups follicle tissue are removed at all levels of the skin (due to rotation and a large diameter of Punch), results are:

Traumatic postoperative facial swelling that lasts up to 14 days.

Postoperative scars across part of the occipital part of the head (such as "checkerboard") that will last a lifetime and will not allow to have  short haircuts.

Failure to conduct, if necessary, repeated transplantations.

method  HFE:

1. Skin damage is minimal due to the small diameter of the microsurgical instrument punch (0,5-0,9 mm) and with small penetration  (1.0 mm). Small halls  formed  after medical injection, which disappear within 3 days , leaving no visible damage to the skin.

2 . Traumatic postoperative edema is absent, since no cuts. No incisions across the scalp  and no scars

3 . Skin sensitivity maintained at 100 %;

4 . Follicles in the donor area  reduced to 25 % of seizures.  

Strip method surgical operation 

Photo: 1 year after transplantation. Hair (grafts) are removed with a scalpel cut from the strip (flap)Results of this method on the back of the head for life remains visible linear scar 15 -20cm

Photo:1 year after transplantation. Hair (grafts) were placed in 2.0-2.5 mm incisions with tweezers .Results of this  method: density of hair up to 40 hairs/1sm2. 

img_0142.jpg                          sprit01.JPG

FUE machine


Photo: 1 year after transplantation.Hair (grafts) are removed using a robot (machine) tube (punch) 1.8 -5mm.Remain at the back of a lifetime scars visible diameter of 1.8-5mm


photo: 1 year after transplantation.Hair (grafts) were placed in the incisions (preliminary punctures) 1.8 (2.0) -2.5 mm with tweezers
results of this method: density of hair is 40-50 hairs/1sm2.
Re-transplantation is impossible or difficult.


The results of each method 

Strip- method: Availability unsightly scar that remains for life, which does not allow to have short hairstyles . In extreme cases , may be damage nerve endings and numb , which may be accompanied by headaches.Performing repeated procedures possible, but not more than 2-3 times .

Method FUE machine: without following the natural direction of hair growth . The presence of unsightly scars that remain for life , which does not allow short haircuts. In extreme cases , may be damage nerve endings and numb  which may be accompanied by headaches  . Performing repeated procedures impossible or difficult . 

Method HFE: Complete absence of scars on the scalp, the most natural appearance of hair and hair growth due to aged angle of hair growth , the ability to have short haircut and shaved head . If required  possibility of multiple processes.

HFE method is painless, does not damage the scalp , does not require stitches and leaves no scars. You get natural results and a 98% guarantee the growth of the transplanted hair. Transplanted hair 100% guarantee never fall Beautiful hair is for us synonymous with health and youth .