Hfe hair for ever clinic in Greece Hair restoration and tourisme why not?

Greece Population:11.304.000 is one of the world’s most popular destinations with ancient and modern attractions such as museums of the ancient and Byzantine eras and archaeological sites and cities, all of them historical monuments which have inspired modern education and culture around the world.

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Geography:Greece, officially known as The Hellenic Republic, is the southernmost country on the European mainland. With an area of 131.940 square kilometres, Greece is about the same size as England or New York state. Over 3,000 Greek islands are scattered arount the eastern Mediterranean, with roughly 200 of them inhabited.

Greece's capital city, Athens, (population: 3,074,160) is also its largest, and is served by Piraeus, which is the country's main port. Although more than half the population is classified as urban, rural life retains a powerful influence. A strong sense of community and family ties prevail even in the busiest of metropolitan centres.

Religion:Most Greeks belong to the Greek Orthodox Church, which is governed by a synod of metropolitan bishops, presided over by the Archbishop of Athens. The largest religious minority is the concentration of Greek Muslims in northeastern Thrace. Some islands in the Ionian and Aegean have a significant number of Catholics. Greece's once vibrant Jewish community was nearly vanished in World War II.

Government:The Hellenic Republic is a parliamentary democracy with a 300 Parliament house, headed by the Prime Minister. Parliamentary sessions normally last for four years, followed by elections held on the basis of direct, secret, and universal ballot. The head of the Greek State is the President, who is elected by the parliament.

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Greece has been a member of the European Uni on since 1981.

ATMs:They are widely available all over the country.

Banks:Banks are open fr om Monday to Thursday, 8:00-14:30 hrs and on Friday, 8:00-14:00hrs; on Saturdays and Sundays they are closed. Central branches of some banks may be found open until 20.00 daily and fr om 10.00 to 16.30 on Saturdays. For further details while in Greece please consult your hotel concierge.

Climate:The climate in Greece is typically Mediterranean with warm and dry summers and mild winters.

Credit cards: All major credit cards are accepted in almost all hotels, shops and restaurants. Stickers in the front windows will advise you as to which cards are accepted.

Currency:EURO is the official currency.

Electricity:Electricity is 220 V/50 Hz. Plugs are the standard continental (DIN) type with two round pins.

Healthcare:Emergency treatment is free to all in public hospitals. Public and private hospitals can be found in big cities. Small and large islands usually have hospitals and health centres.

Language:Greek is the official language. Most Greeks speak English as a foreign language.

Restaurants:Restaurants and Taverns are normally open for lunch from 12:30 to 16:00, for dinner from 19:00 to midnight. Fast food and souvlaki shops usually serve food all day long, and some of them stay open till late at night. Cafes and bars are open all day from about 8:00 until late at night.

Telecommunications:The international access code for Greece is +30. The outgoing code is 00 followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 001 for the USA or Canada, 0044 for the United Kingdom). Public payphones are available all over Greece and use phone cards, which can be purchased from kiosks. For information concerning mobile phone use in Greece (telephone transmissions are based on GSM technology), please ask your provider.

Time:Greece is in the GMT+2 time zone.

Tipping:Tipping is not compulsory but is quite usual in Greece

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                                   THE PRICE ACCORDING YOUR NEEDS                                                                          


Stage (1) Extraction

Hair Follicle Extraction (HFE) begins with the extraction of follicle units FU manually from the donor zone. Seized follicles they will be used for transplantation in the area of baldness, recipient zone. Local anesthesia makes the procedure painless. To remove follicle transplants specialists of our clinic use special instrument named punch (its diameter may be from 0.5 to 0.9 mm). Diameter is chosen individually according to the results of diagnosis. Often in the process of hair transplantation physicians use not one but several needles of different diameters. After removing the hair follicles FU ( transplants ) carefully placed in a saline solution at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. Then we are counting and sorting them under a microscope. After sorting, the number of transplants carefully calculated, we keep them in a special composition. The solution increases the vitality of hair and promotes their active growth after hair transplantation.

Stage (2) Implantation

The second stage of hair transplantation is implantation ,FU follicle units are implanted in the balding area ,recipient zone. At the first step, the doctor uses a local anesthesia. Special instrument is used for implantation named «Choi». The diameter of the needle exactly matches the diameter of the follicle transplants, and is 0.5-0.9 mm. Follicle length measured before implantation and depending on the result of measurement a correct needle length implanter chosen. Then begins hair transplantation. Instrument Choi allow Doctor to adjust the individual parameters such as depth of implantation, angle and direction of growth of each hair. Follicles are transplanted simultaneously.


First we hold up existing long hairs and determining the donor area. Then we shave this area and we extract adequate number of fU from the recipient area. When long hairs released donor area is covered up and one day after transplantation patient can continue his daily life.


The operation process is longer than the regular one due to necessity of extra carefulness in order to of not damaging the existing hairs. Extraction and implantation stages same as per first method Shaving.


But not everyone want to shave his head due to various reasons: burn marks, scars or simply magnificent long hair For these patients we offer a unique method of NON SHAVING Hair is taken from the same donor area at the back of the scalp but is taken in such a way that existing hair will disguise the area of extraction. The good news is that you can return to normal routine and family / colleagues and friends will never notice that you had made hair transplantation because the donor site will not show any tell-tale signs of extraction.  

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Here is a list of benefits in choosing the “No Shave” hfe method:

  • Quicker return to normal activities
  • Harvested donor sites are completely concealed, immediately
  • Allows female patients to make the procedure without shaving their head
  • Ideal technique for patients with prior strip harvesting scars who now are choosing the HFE method, since the linear scars from the previous method will not be seen as they will not need to be shaved
  • Allows Dr. to see, in real time, the effect of the harvesting being performed, avoiding over harvesting in a particular area, which can result in an uneven “thinned out” appearance
  • Dr. can sel ect, one by one, the strongest and best hairs to harvest, including hairs with the ideal curl and/or color, since they are being chosen one by one in their original length.

For Non- shaving or shaving line your hairs at the donor site must be at least 4cm

Price list Glyfada Greece

Shaving method

  • Till 1000 fu   Small session :  rates upon request
  • 1001 – 2000 fu Medium session : rates upon request
  • 2001 – 3500 fu Mega session : rates upon request
  • 3501 – 4500 fu Super mega session : rates upon request

Shaving line method

  • Till 1000 fu Small session : rates upon request
  • 1000 – 2000 fu Medium session : rates upon request
  • 2001 – 3000 fu Mega session : rates upon request

Non – Shaving method

  • Till 1000 fu Small session : rates upon request
  • 1001 – 2000 fu Medium session :rates upon request
  • 2001 – 2500 fu Mega session : rates upon request

Prices includs
All medication during procedure
Russian – English speaking doctor and English – French speaking assistante
Lunch during procedure
Guarantee for the transplanted follicular units



ELECTRA PALACE HOTEL 36 km from airport and 14 km from our clinic

ATHENS LEDRA HOTEL 37 km from airport and 15 km from our clinic

PLAZA RESORT HOTEL 36 km from airport and 30 km from our clinic

DIVANI APOLLON PALACE AND THALASSO 24 km from airport and 5 km from our clinic


VOULIAGMENI SUITES 26 km from airport and 7 km from our clinic

ELECTRA HOTEL ATHENS 36 km from airport and 15 km from our clinic

AMARILIA HOTEL 24 km from the airport and 5 km from our clinic

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THALATTA SEASIDE HOTEL 160 Km from the airport and 170 km from our clinic


CONGO PALACE HOTEL 26 km from airport and 1km from our clinic

OASIS HOTEL 28 km from the airport and 1km from our clinioc

PALMYRA HOTEL 28 km from the airport and 1 km from our clinic

Hotels are on bed and breakfast basis for 3 nights + all transfers ( 1st day airport – hotel / 2nd day hotel – clinic – hotel / 3rd day hotel – airport )
5* hotel your choice upon availability
From 600 - 950 euro room for single use 1pax
4*hotel your choice upon availability
From 400 - 800 euro room for single use 1pax
4* hotel (smart price) your choice upon availability
From 350 - 650 euro for single use 1 pax
Prices vary according to the dates due to low and high season please advise dates in order to give you the exact price. Prices are for rooms for single use but in case of double or triple room rates are also available.


достопримечательности Афин достопримечательности Афин 2

This tour gives you an opportunity to observe the striking contrasts that make Athens such a fascinating city. Our expert guides will take you to see the Panathenaic Stadium where the first Olympic Games of modern times were held in 1896(short stop).
Continue and pass by the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Hadrian’s Arch, the Parliament and the memorial to the Unknown Soldier, the Academy, the University, the National Library, the Constitution Square (Syntagma). On the Acropolis visit the Architectural Masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens: The Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion and finally “the harmony between material and spirit”, the monument that “puts order in the mind”, the Parthenon. Continue and visit the place wh ere at last the statues found their home and admire the wonders of the classical era: The new Acropolis museum.

Cost  upon request

Above rates include: Private vehicle w/driver, Private English speaking guide and entrance fees to Acropolis archaeological site & New Acropolis museum.


Новый музей Акрополя Новый музей Акрополя 2

Drive along the coastal road, past the wonderful beaches of Glyfada, Vouliagmeni and Varkiza to the most southern point of Attica, Cape Sounion, wh ere the white marble pillars of the Temple of Poseidon stand. On the way you have a splendid view of the Saronic Gulf and the little islands offshore. After visiting the Temple of Poseidon, you have time to walk at leisure onthe rocky promontory of Sounion.

Cost  upon request

Above rates include: Private vehicle w/driver, Private English speaking guide and entrance fees to the Temple of Poseidon


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