What is HFE method

 HFE is based on the use of FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction by using nedles with a diameter of 0.8mm)  which has been used now for over 13 years internationally.

The HFE method is that we use a specially designed implantation pen  (Follicular Unit Implantation needle with a diameter of 0,8mm) to place hair follicles at exactly the correct angle and direction, in order to create extremely natural results and density. There is no need to use scalpels, sutures or surgical strip extraction during the procedure as the whole approach is less- invasive. The hair transplantation  procedure is fully Garanteed. 


 Experience Natural Results - No Stitches, No Linear Scars, No pain

HFE Clinic have treated thousands of people with hair loss problems. We are proud of ourselves  providing our clients with natural results and excellent hair.

Alexei required for the frontoparietal area  2.7 thousand follicle unites F.U


after 14 days



after 12 months

IMG_1725.jpg img_001729.jpg

Detailed description and characteristics of hair transplant procedure HFE

HFE hair transplant procedure :

  • Carried out without a single cut using special micro-instruments with a diameter of  0.5-0.9 mm(needle)
  • Lasts only a few hours, under local anesthesia
  • Density of transplanted hair reaches to 70-80 hairs per 1cm2 and 120 hair per 1cm2 at the next procedure
  • Minimally traumatize the skin and tissue, as micro tools penetrate to a depth of 1.0 mm
  • Allows you to restore the natural hair angle and direction

You can come to us just for one day to transplant the entire required amount of hair in a few hours 

 After a complete HFE hair transplantation procedure:

  • No scars
  • Minimal  skin trauma  , healing within 3 days.
  • Completely absent and postoperative such unpleasant phenomena such as swelling of the face, scalp numbness or  headaches.