Three available methods


Stage (1) Extraction

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Hair Follicle Extraction (HFE) begins with the extraction of follicle units FU manually from the donor zone. Seized follicles they will be used for transplantation in the area of baldness, recipient zone.  Local anesthesia makes the procedure painless.

To remove follicle transplants specialists of our clinic use special instrument named punch (its diameter may be from 0.5 to 0.9 mm). Diameter is chosen individually according to the results of diagnosis.  Often in the process of hair transplantation physicians use not one but several needles of different diameters.

After removing the hair follicles FU ( transplants ) carefully placed in a saline solution at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. Then we are counting and sorting them under a microscope.

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After sorting, the number of transplants carefully calculated, we keep them in a special composition. The solution increases the vitality of hair and promotes their active growth after hair transplantation.

Stage (2) Implantation

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The second stage of hair transplantation is implantation ,FU follicle units are implanted  in the balding area ,recipient zone. At the first step, the doctor uses a local anesthesia.

Special instrument is used for implantation named «Choi». The diameter of the needle exactly matches the diameter of the follicle transplants, and is 0.5-0.9 mm.

Follicle length measured before implantation and depending on the result of measurement a correct needle length implanter chosen. Then begins hair transplantation.

Instrument Choi allow Doctor to adjust the individual parameters such as depth of implantation, angle and direction of growth of each hair. Follicles are transplanted simultaneously.


First we hold up existing long hairs and determining the donor area. Then we shave this area and we extract adequate number of fU from the recipient area. When long hairs released donor area is covered up and one day after transplantation patient can continue his daily life.



The operation process is longer than the regular one due to necessity of extra carefulness in order  of not damaging the existing hairs.

Extraction and implantation stages same as per first method -Shaving.


But not everyone want to shave his head due to various reasons: burn marks, scars or simply magnificent long hair

For these patients we offer a unique method  !! NON SHAVING !!

Hair is taken from the same donor area at the back of the scalp but is taken in such a way that existing hairs will disguise the area of extraction.

The good news is that you can return to normal routine and  family / colleagues and friends will never notice that you had made hair transplantation because the donor site will not show any tell-tale signs of extraction.

Here is a list of benefits in choosing the “NON SHAVING” hfe method:

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• Quicker return to normal activities

• Harvested donor sites are completely concealed, immediately

• Allows female patients to make the procedure without shaving their head

• Ideal technique for patients with prior strip harvesting scars who now are choosing the HFE method, since the linear scars from the previous method will not be seen as they will not need to be shaved

• Allows Dr. to see, in real time, the effect of the harvesting being performed, avoiding over harvesting in a particular area, which can result in an uneven “thinned out” appearance

• Dr.  can select, one by one, the strongest and best hairs to harvest, including hairs with the ideal curl and color, since they are being chosen one by one in their original length.

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