HFE advantages

A..Hair transplantation method HFE only requires minimum intervention to the patient and therefore  is painless and has no postoperative complications (post-traumatic swelling of the face , headache , numbness of the scalp).

B..This method is not an operation,does not require surgery and the whole procedure of hair transplantation takes a few hours and the transplanted hair will grow and guaranteed will never fall out.

C..Correct angle and direction of hair follicles is the secret of this method.( Doctor ability)

Hair transplantation needs shows us 6500 follicle units. At the first stage  4000 follicle units  transplanted 

before and after



At the recovery zone we have  visible red dots, which disappear  in 3 days after the procedure, leaving no visible damage to the skin



 Day 1: The skin of the patient after transplantation , hair follicles in the frontal zone (increasing) 


3rd day:  hair follicles in the frontal zone (increasing) 


Day 14:  hair follicles in the frontal zone  (increasing) 


Hair transplantation procedure HFE and other methods

 Hair transplantation performed in many clinics of aesthetic medicine worldwide and is no longer a novelty.
Currently in Russia in many clinics still operating (Strip method) and partly operational (FUE machine follicale extration) techniques.  
HFE procedure is fundamentally different from similar procedures and is the latest achievement in the field of hair transplantation . This method of transplantation  FUE hand + FUI (FU extraction + FU implantation) using ultra skinny microinstruments 0.5-0.9 mm, performed by  Doctors hands without the involvement of mechanisms. PUNCH for extraction and  CHOI  ( implanter ) for implantation  , which has no analogues in Russia .
HFE procedure allows to remove and transplant individual follicular units (follicle unites FU), without making incisions and minimally damaging the skin, as in this modern method uses the finest tools that penetrate to a depth of not more than 1.0 mm. This is the less-invasive and painless method without a single cut without a single seam.

img_1293.jpg img_1294.jpg img_1295.jpg img_1296.jpg
patient before
patient at the same day
after transplantation
after 2 months
procedure HFE
patient with complete
result of the growth
of transplanted
hair HFE

HFE  method has many advantages. Taking advantage of the less-invasive hair transplant technology.

Natural appearance. After using method HFE no one will ever notice that the hair has been transplanted.

Guaranteed results.HFE method allows you to select and replant only the strong and healthy hair follicles units FU, insensitive to testosterone and therefore does not have the tendency to fall out. You have a 98% guarantee of growth of transplanted hair.
Complete program of treatment. Includes : diagnosis, hair transplantation  followed by individualized care and natural hair results.

High-quality service . Doctors and nurses with experience in the field of hair transplantation following the protocol of our clinic ( since the introduction of this procedure in Europe and America for the past 10 years).                                                                      

Rehabilitation period. The damage of the skin during transplantation is minimal and   the patient can safely return the next day to his normal life. However, after transplantation HFE no traumatic swelling, bruising, scars, which are observed in patients after transplant with surgery method.

Who would not  like to cover scars ,burns after injuries and  surgical operations (including  previous hair transplant operations with bad results as well as men and women after plastic surgery (facelift ).

After the procedure HFE get gorgeous eyebrows,mustache and beard .

Turning to us, you are guaranteed to get a quality service, 98% growth of the transplanted hair and the services of the best professionals.

In addition, you should be aware that the procedure HFE is the almost complete absence of contraindications for transplantation. That technique can be used for patients of any age  and practically at any case, since it is absolutely safe.

This technique of  hair transplantation  is the most modern , more efficient and safer than others operating methods of hair transplantation.