All about hair

Hair loss or baldness

Medical term ALOPECIA,is a loss of hair from the head or boady and is divided into transient or permanant. The problem of alopecia has social and psychological impacts as the rich hair has always been a symbole of beauty and strengh for both sexes.

General information about hairs


Throughout of our body there are 5.000.000 hairs.of these 1.000.000 are in the head and from those 100.000-150.000 are located in the scalpe. It is considered normal a hair loss of 50-150 hairs per day if replaced by corresponding normal hair. The average life cycle of each hair before renewal is 5-6 years. The increase,progress,decline and regeneration of hairs follows 3 stages: 


The hair grow to get the final length ( 0.5mm – 1.5meter ),then the hair remains calm.the duration of this phase varies from 2 to 8 years. 80% of hairs are in the anagen stage. 


In this stage the hair stop growing and starts a process to the outer layer of the skin.The duration of that phase takes 2-4 weeks. 


It s the final stage,the hair goes up and starts a process to fall of the skin.The duration of that phase takes 2-4 months. 20% of hairs are in the telogen stage.